Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i know it's a bit too late to post this news, but i don't mind at  all as long as i have the courage to discuss it. LA Galaxy lost for the 2nd time in their opening season. this time toronto skinned LA Galaxy sensitive surface with 3-2 score line. i dunno what those words mean but they don't sound too good for kidding, people. but from what i read, i understood deeply that becks was the one who kept his chin up and ready to move on. becks experience and strong will have kept him away from the shadow of sadness. thats what captain does; he will speak the truth of his team current state but never play down any chances to win no matter how grave their situation is. i hope william gallas, the arsenal captain, can learn something from this man. becks had been in the worst situation before and that perhaps 100 football players have never dreamt of having. his bitter sent off in WC 98 made him tougher than he looks; and that is also why, i presume, sven goran eriksson refused to back off from his decision to keep him as captain. if capello is looking for a man who can lead by example, i believe becks is the man. well, you can say I'm a daydreamer but im not the only one. 

heres a link to the LA Galaxy last match review, if  you are dare to open your eyes.

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