Monday, April 28, 2008

i watched last night match between real madrid and athletic bilbao. real madrid won the match by scoring 3-0. it was worth match to watch esp i had to stayed up late against my mom's will. anyway, it was better play for real madrid after a crunching performance weeks ago. it is almost confirmed that real would win their 31st la liga title this end of season, if they continue to maintain their records by not losing at home. last year, many people had claimed that real had won the title merely bcoz of luck. but after a success win last night, i think those people would have to migrate to other galaxy. it's good to see one of my favorite club achieved something this season, after having to see arsenal crumbled yet again. while barca are concentrating hard to win champions league against a tough team, manchester united; real madrid cruising their way to win another la liga title. anyway, i would love to see real madrid grab another title apart from the la liga title. it was another disappointment after real madrid lost yet again, in the last 8. any luck next season? who knows?. i am curious who will be the target for the upcoming summer transfer window. but i hope they'll keep their key players, such as sergio ramos, pepe, gabriel heinze and arjen robben. and as for robinho, i doubt he should be staying.

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