Thursday, April 10, 2008

once i've read her message on our wall, i couldn't resist to write her back. i don't know whether she would answer straight back or waiting for us to see her some time soon. anyway, the loss was hurting us badly. i don't know when we will be able to forget this humiliation once and for all. yes, that is true that life must go on. and this weekend matches prove to be the turning point. arsenal must fight their own demons and claim their 3 points by beating their opponent in premiere league. no matter how ugly the result on wednesday, they must get up and continue their battle to win premiere title this season. arsenal haven't won any title for a couple of years and i was hoping to see them clinching a prominent trophy this season. but seeing them crumbled in champs league, i am looking for another bitter summer once again. as if it was not already ruined considering the fact that i won't be seeing england play a part in EURO 08. the funny thing is that i hate all the 4 finalists. it isn't real madrid that will play in the semi final but barca, their greatest rival of all time. and i don't like it. chelsea and liverpool have terribly broken my heart by turning football into circus. as for man utd is simply bcoz of the coach. fergie talks a lot and i can't stand his presence on my face; a nuisance for sure. i hope i can see the silver lining on this....i guess not

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