Friday, April 04, 2008

well, its a good sign of respect from becks england teammates to give him a special "medal" for his achievement. it was surprising actually to learn that last person to reach 100th cap happened 20 yrs ago. and by reaching 100 caps in 2008, doesnt make becks a star of the year coz michael owen is tailing behind him. with 90th cap under his belt, owen could potentially leap frog becks in no time. it would only happen if he survived the season without injuries anymore or if he can keep up his mild performance for newcastle. owen is only 28 and compared to becks, he still has a long way to go. but the problem is, owen is often injured after playing 1 or 2 games. for example, he was waiting on the sideline for over a year coz experiencing knee injury in world cup 06. anyway, i wont play down any positive future for becks as capello has hinted that theres a possibility for becks to contribute to his country. so, it wont be the last for him, i hope. i like his new ipod by the way. im guessing, he'll have spice girls songs in his playlist and of course, his old buddy snoop dogg. 

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