Tuesday, August 05, 2008



i am not a fan of him and definitely unwilling to see him playing for my favorite club, real madrid. well, i was a little bit nervous hearing that real's president ramon calderon was persistent to include ronaldo as part of real madrid future. when someone else thought it'd be amazing to have a player like him in  the squad, i thought otherwise. he's a talented player and it is indeed posses a great amount of technical skill. however, his manner doesn't suit me. his ego will elevate real madrid to an obnoxious team ever played in the universe. besides he's trying to be the next david beckham and conquer the world. thanks to becks, now a lot of football players can enjoy greater piece of publicity in the US. i guess ronaldo is trying his luck over there and stole glances from people on the street. it was definitely not because of his attire but more on his eccentric appearance. it's time to learn from the maestro mr ronaldo. as soon as i posted this, i can get rid off his picture from my document. i hope he stays in man utd as it will provide more edges to team's performance, besides it won't be fun to fight against man utd without their best player. go arsenal....

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