Friday, October 10, 2008

beginning of an end or otherwise?

soon i will depart from this newly acquinted country and fly out to my accustomed neighbourhood. whatever i lay down to sleep i only find one thing to think of. and it all began with one silly decision to let it happened. whatever i did in the past has everything to do with i am experiencing at present. i will have to take the huge responsibility out of his shoulders and carry it whenever i am alive. one single thought perched on me last night and refused to leave me alone. will i be able to walk along the line? someday and i do hope it'll happen this very minute. i am forgetting my nature and stray outside the law. will i be forgiven when i had been given a chance i decided to look other way. God please forgive your humble servant. help me with this pilling up troubles to go away soon. pray for the best. one will only triumph after long winding terrifying road. take me there to the point of which human is free, so help me God.

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