Friday, October 24, 2008

caps for becks

he already passed bobby charlton's record and going after peter shilton's. one more game he will equal bobby moore's achivement. with current 107 caps under his belt, many suggested that they are not worth looking at. they claimed that all those caps mean nothing to english football history as few of them were "given not by merit" but by luck. they also suggested that becks is lucky to know fabio cepello, current england manager, well before other players do, so that he can "plant" some sort of relationship with the manager. o how awful it sounds to me and espcially to david beckham who is currently battling his luck in MLS. 2 seasons with no titles is well reminded him of his first period in real madrid. despite so much hype with his arrival, LA Galaxy have yet to qualify for play off not even close to grab any title these two seasons. but it wasn't becks fault, not even a speck. one player cannot change a destiny of a club. one man saving the world only happens in hollywood movies, ladies and gents. look at real madrid few years ago and we clearly understand the big picture. back to topic. it seems shilton is reluctant to give away his long-held title to anyone else, especially david beckham. some say capello gave becks "easy" caps and waste his talent altogether. well, i am quite disagree with them as becks is working really hard to get his fitness up to higher level. if capello decided to play walcott instead becks, i am sure it was all down to technical decisions. theo has more speed and agility compared to becks and he's young too. on the other hand, becks is well equipped with his experience and dead ball ability. so, the two players are actually ahead of one another and it obviously complicates capello's situation a little bit more. but i guess he'll prefer someone who can take up 2 or 3 defenders at once and the answer would be theo walcott. it is very unfortunate for becks to have sit on the bench watching other player take his usual place and can't do anything about it. there are 3 young players fully prepared to take his place once and for all. they are david bentley, shaun wright phillips and theo walcott. all of them acquired to what the manager desired which is agility. but becks isn't someone who easily gives up on anythng. he is ready to prove to the manager and fans all around the world that he can still do it. 107 caps or not, he is only just begun. pages after pages of his life have been flipped over and as his involvement in england remains to be seen, he's already made us surprised once more by announcing potential move to AC Milan, but that's a different story. i'm anxiously waiting for his next move. probably donning AC Milan jersey next year? who knows

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