Friday, October 24, 2008


not much for today. i don't know about tomorrow since no one can predict the future. i am thinking about the stuff that i had left out in the old apartment few months ago. but it's not there now. they are currently being held in the apartment of my old landlord. i can't have my PS2 in my room and i hate it. i feel completely sad and outraged but i can't do anything presently. i was thinking of buying new console but i know it would only be a waste of money since i already have one. it's an old generation of PS2 but still, it's my own and i bought it with my pocket money. rather than buying new PS2 it'd be good idea if i spend my dime purchasing wii. it doesn't cost as much as PS3 but it does have cool video games, including my favorite game rayman and raving rabbits which is hot on sale. unfortunately, it will cost more than new PS2 and it's not a good news. anyway, i have my mind roaming freely to korea and reaches domiyo easily. it stops in front of a booth that sells an old camera, SLR to be exact. my mind refuses to hold back and come dashing forward trying to grab it from the man who sells it. pity me, he realizes my coming and as quickly as he could stumble forward protecting his possesion. it's too late i guess to make another attempt as he now clutches the camera tightly against his chest. well, i guess  i have to buy it from  him. if i let my thoughts walk freely on the pavement, i will certainly come accross a good view. but if i choose to chain it, only holes and stinging smell dominating my world.  

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