Friday, October 24, 2008

rumours surrounding becks potential move to AC Milan

i have been wondering whether becks move to Milan is actually a reality or fantasy. today some newspapers have already printed news regarding his shocking move, but with a little more details. the proposal is to loan becks from LA Galaxy to AC Milan for four months while his teammates in galaxy enjoying their off season holiday. anyway, milan fans have been strucked with excitement and already flock in to the capital asking whether becks is really arriving. some of them are also inquiring if his shirts are already on sale. this is, of course, a very good news for AC Milan as they are currently battling for financial issue. with becks arriving it could pump lump sum cash into the club and gaining as a "galactico" in europe. i am not sure with becks intention though. he's still struggling to help galaxy win any title for 2 years and i don't see how he can lift up soccer status in US amid his presence off the field. becks is not a saviour, that's for sure. if galaxy want to succeed, the club should hire the right coach and effective players to make LA Galaxy a winning team. brought in becks would not instantly make a club flying high and certainly not a champion of every titles. will it help becks to shy away critics lashing his aging performance? i am not sure. i heard from a news last night that it was capello who had made the suggestion to enable him be more competitive ahead of other boys in the squad. i don't think this was the case though. becks has his mind made up because he has reasons of his own. when he decided to move to LA Galaxy, i was a bit down and frustrated. he should have gone to other european clubs instead of losing his way to MLS. somehow, i knew this would happen. most of coaches in europe have so much doubt about MLS standard which they claim as lower than any european countries well, they could be right but not always. ruud gullit seems to share same sentiment as i do as he says that some of the clubs deserve a little bit more respect because of their achivement. while other MLS clubs enjoying flourish seasons, LA Galxy suffered a lot and lost their place to grab play off as they did last season. and becks is down with them as well. to add salt on his wound, capello only made him as substitute in all world cup qualifying matches. failure after failure shakes him hard. but it doesn't make him softer as people would expect it. he'll only be edgier and stronger in the future. he's been through the worse and i am sure he'll take no notice of silly jokes people throw him over his move to Milan and he will eventually come on top. the more people knock him the harder he pushes them. that's the kind of person he is. good luck becks, the fans will always be with you.

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