Thursday, January 01, 2009

becks arrival in dubai

although it might be a little late to post this news today, i still think it's the best choice since i am a bit immobile for a while. becks arrival has been muted as best as possible, however he was enjoying good reception in the training ground. AC Milan are due to play friendly against hamburg from german on the 6th of january 09. whether becks will take part is remain to be seen as he has yet to reach peak level. he may need extra trainings in order to speed up his fitness. he might be called up for england friendly against spain, therefore he must work a lot harder than his other team mates. i am, though, not worried as much as he is in the good hands. playing alongside great footballers such as paolo maldini, ronaldinho and kaka is a dream come true for becks. hopefully, he will be ready for seria A in the next two weeks.

Beckham’s star staying power

Leah Oatway

DUBAI // As the sun faded over Al Nasr football stadium yesterday evening, football supporters clutching paper and pens waited to welcome the Italian football team AC Milan, and one rather high-profile English player.
At just before 5pm the team’s white coach pulled into the grounds, sending fans into a chorus of whoops and screams as they jostled to catch a glimpse of David Beckham.
It was the moment many had been waiting hours for. Beckham waved from the coach window to children perched on their parents’ shoulders and on the top of railings.

When asked how he was enjoying his time in Dubai, the former England captain said: “I love it, it’s a very beautiful place.”
Banners reading “AC Milan, we love you” lay draped across the metal barriers separating the fans from the players.
Loud cheers erupted every time a player, including Ronaldhino and Kaka, the Brazilian internationals, left the coach to prepare for training.
Chrissie Ammounah, with her three children and their friends, said the crowds were much bigger than those who greeted Milan when they were in Dubai in January. Beckham had clearly increased interest in the event, she said.

Her daughter Liz said she wasn’t a football fan, but catching a glimpse of the England international “sold it to me”.
Dean Weston, 22, said: “Words can’t describe how I feel. I’m a massive Beckham fan,’ he said. “If being in the AC Milan team gets him into the England squad then great.
“He just needs to keep his fitness up. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in action. I’m hoping to get an autograph.”

Andrew Henderson was at the training session with his two sons Robbie, 15, and Alex, 12.
He said: “It’s a bit weird seeing [Beckham] here, someone so famous. It’s strange that we get to see him so close.
“We’re looking forward to watching him kick about and watch how he makes the ball turn and curl. This is a big deal for us, especially with us being from London and him too. It’s great.”
Fans were treated to more than an hour of training from their heroes, including a practice match.

Dressed in a white sleeveless team training shirt which revealed his many tattoos, Beckham laughed with Ronaldhino and fellow team mates as they warmed up.....

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