Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Capello to watch David Beckham play against Genoa

Capello is going to Italy this week, his reason is of course to watch Becks play in Italian league. a match against Genoa could prove to be his turning point. whether or not he will selected, the match is going to determine his fate.

              becks in arsenal 5

like it or not David Beckham had to give his best and pray to God Almighty that he will be considered in the next England match in Seville. Capello is a person who takes no excuses and make his point very clear for not having an average player on his squad. i know Becks can pass this one and succeed, amin. he had endured Capello's glare before and i am sure he can cope with him standing far from the sideline this time around. i hope he could make an impact like he did 2 days ago. go Becks!

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