Monday, January 19, 2009

missing my old gunners; review match

i am not saying this because of recent dip forms from my beloved Arsenal. they still trying to find their best form which is yet to come. 3-1 win over struggling side, Hull City did not make me convince of their performance. i have yet to see the best XI from Wenger's young squad. there are times when winning is easy to get but other times seem difficult. i have found this old picture from Cesc fansite and was missing them so much. there is something missing on the squad but i can't pin point which is it. by the way, i watched the match against Hull City! it was my first live match after months of absence from sitting in front of tv every weekend and i must say, it was entertaining. too bad, no one was accompanying me during 4 hours back to back.


for the first 20 minutes, Arsenal were struggling to break down Hull's stubborn defence, however the team picked themselves up and kept the ball at the Hull's half. RVP nearly opened the score line from a free kick, however it hit the post before even beat the goalkeeper. in the 30th minute Adebayor scored for Arsenal from a well placed corner kick from RVP. i'd always thought they were doing poorly after the first goal and let the enemy roaming freely in our own half. then, the bad deed went punished, Hull claimed an equalizer not long after Ade's goal. second half started pretty slowly, thus no real chances ever made. the only 'real' thing only came from Samir Nasri whom i regard as the best player in the match. he kept running and running until he found his teammate around the box. his unselfishness and determination overwhelmed me in so many ways. i can even make a comparison to his injury-plagued teammate, Rosicky  for being one hell of a aspirator. second goal came from the man himself who made a beautiful goal from left side, after RVP slide a pass toward him to run unchallenged to the penalty box.  minutes away from the whistle time, Wenger decided to take Eboue off and replaced him with Bedtner. the sub was clearly made himself known by scoring a goal toward the end of the game. he could have added his goal if the ball had not hit the goal post for the second time in the match. overall, it was a good display from Wenger's young squad, however his should probably think again of considering Eboue in the starting line up. he wasn't effective and his selfishness killed the game. there was a moment which Arsenal could have scored a goal but instead of letting his teammate had hit on it, he had chosen to go by himself. as a result, his effort was denied.  Gael Clichy was weak and not himself throughout the game and cost Arsenal a goal against them. well, i am still happy to see Nasri performed really well under Wenger and mingled really well with the other players.

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