Tuesday, January 13, 2009

no extension for becks


becks agent has again and again confirming his client intention to stay only for 3 months in AC Milan and will be back to LA Galaxy for his new season. it's bad news actually. i do not think his chances of joining his England team mates will get bigger if he stays with LA Galaxy this year. capello made clear during interviews that he would have opted becks from his squad if he had not joined AC Milan. and if he wanted to play part in WC 2010, he had to join Milan on permanent basis without a doubt. i don't know what's running on his mind as he will not be able to lengthen his England career if he chose to be with the American team. that's what becks does. he never backs down on his words, not ever. when he was forced to wait  for an extension, he stood his ground and played his parts until the end of season, and finally won the la liga title with Real Madrid. it's clear case for him and there won't be turning back unless he decides otherwise. the club wants him, the fans adores him and his team mate welcomes him more than ever. so, what are you waiting for?

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