Friday, January 02, 2009

stevie-g heads to the jail-short term only

if anyone would like to meet the liverpool captain, he/she would have to make it in the cell. well, at least that was where he spent his new year's eve. i have never heard of him fighting or causing any trouble outside football field and it must have been my first experience to know it. he has rather boiling temper but never heard of him causing damages in public. i am not sure what had triggered this mild-looking-but-spicy-in-the-inside man from striking a dj at a bar. i seriously don't get it. he had managed to guide his side 3 points away from title rivals, chelsea and here he was sitting on a cell. what the most interesting part was, he could be charged up to 5 years in jail, if found guilty. well, i guess we all have our limits don't we?. i am just curious how well liverpool are going to take this issue. they are currently sitting on top, but the league isn't over yet. chelsea and man utd could overtake their position if they slipped. can't wait to see that....

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