Friday, January 02, 2009

thoughts of his adventure

becks continue to play in 3 different clubs less than a decade of his career. after being booted out from his beloved club man utd, becks embarked to a new adventure by playing spanish giants, real madrid. he wasn't enjoying beautiful years during his stay in real madrid and had failed to win any trophies in his 3 years as real madrid player. however, in his final year, he had managed to give a token of appreciation to madridistas all around the world by handing them la liga trophy.


after failing to secure another extension, he went to sign with LA Galaxy for 5 years. all i could say, his 2 years with Galaxy were not very successful after yet another 'trophyless' seasons. one thing is for sure, Galaxy need reinforcement especially at the defense line. donovan and becks can't help to lift the team if the coach is too lazy to get players the team need.

as a player becks is a determined player. while a lot of people making fun of his age, he could care less. playing for his country has been his passion since he was young thus nothing can stop him from getting more caps for his time of play. capello won't find it hard to find his replacement as a right wing as many other young talented players are waiting in line to be called up. these young  blood posses something that becks doesn't have, pace. i know and i guess we all know that becks has never been the fastest player even before he was reaching 30 years of age. people gained a lot of respect from him because of his dead ball specialty. back in his old days, he was one of the most recognizable player to bend the ball around the corner. that's why he has been dubbed bend it like beckham. he has yet to show of slowing down as he is refusing to quit from England squad although a lot, many people that is, have made a mocking suggestion for him to retire from international scene. he still believes that at the age of 33, he can still contribute to the team performance as a whole. he may have to be patient though as he will be warming the bench as he was never done before. capello will be tempted to try on his young guns rather than to stick with an old timer such as becks or gary neville. this determination leads to his off season training with arsenal a year ago and most recent loan move to AC Milan which shocked a lot of people.

some people say, he won't be utilized as much as he wanted to unless he will spend a year or so with them. loaded with so many talented midfielders, becks will find it hard to squeeze himself into the squad given the time he has. Milan's doctor has given an early warning that it might take at least of 21 days for him to be match fit. and he'll have to be involved in matches in order to be called up for England. how unfortunate he is, if his loan move to Milan will go unnoticed by the England coach because of his lack of play. however, he needs not to worry as the injury list is growing and hopefully he'll make a cut as soon as the season starts. nevermind other people say as they will have negative thoughts planting on their head all the time. no matter how hard becks is trying to achieve, there'll be a lot of haters around him ready to pouch at any time. he is there to prove to people that he's still have some energy to go on and won't back down until his heart tells him so. as a fan, i can only support him no matter how hard it is for me at times to accept his decisions. okay becks, hope you'll get what you've always wanted and succeed. 

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