Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Becks is a selfish man

when reading the title, i am pretty certain that most of you would raise both of your eyebrows asking a question or two to yourself, whether or not i am still sane. the answer is, i am in a stable health both physically and emotionally. unlike my previous posts which were more than endorsing whatever Becks was doing, today i would make a sharp turn than i had done in the past. i hope it can still posses some vibrant words; in a way i want it.

it has been 5 months since Becks loan move to AC Milan and he is currently regarded as an influential player both on and off the field. his move apparently, has improved Milan’s accomplishment from last season. in a way, he has put his work ethic more than other player in the squad and sent his team mates on a rise in overall performance. he may not score goals for Milan to win 2nd place from Juventus, but his hard work and professionalism earned more than just compliments. his team mates looked up to him and of course, the coach was more than happy to have him in the squad. however, prior to his arrival at San Siro, thunderstorms and heavy downpour rattled his marriage with Victoria. needles to say, Victoria wasn’t happy at all with Becks decision to leave his family behind while he spent his 3 months in Milan. it is understood that Becks has deep relationship with England camp and want more than just advisory role in England team, therefore he is up to Capello’s challenge to play once again in European team. abandoning his family and parent club back in LA, he set up a new adventure in Milan. thought to be a failure but proved to be a success has made his comeback to US postponed to further date, which would last until end of this season. of course, the decision was met with more heartache and pain to his family. he will not stay longer than he is supposed to, but the damage is already done. his decision although wise in some point, has flaws at the other end. he did not go to Milan to make money but to lose some, and in the end of the day  he lost so many good moments with his children by being away from home. he will be back to the States pretty soon and resume his duty as a player for less than a year. the question is, how would he cope with home fans agony?

it is unknown whether Arena, LA Galaxy’s coach, will ever include him in his squad list during his short stay. it is known however, that most of his fans despised Becks decision to go back to US after his comments on European leagues and clubs. their hatred of course rose up after the English man decided to end his contract with the Galaxy club earlier than he was supposed to. there was a clause saying that the player said, can buy out his remaining contract with the team involved after the player spent his 3 years term as Galaxy player. those words are not the exact copy of his contract, but we can all understand that they are in line with whatever written on newspapers. i can understand their grief and anxiety and won’t blame their harsh words over Becks performances. they had put up with so much hype 2 seasons ago and came home with nothing they could talk about for the rest of 2 seasons. failing to qualify for play off and lost out to their bitter rivals on league title must have hurt their soul very badly, thus no welcome home ceremony for Mr... $16 million man this summer.

what could he do to revive Galaxy’s prospect to win league title this season? no chance. he was a success in Man Utd and Real Madrid due many things, including world class team mates. who does LA Galaxy  have? no one in particular. if let’s say, Bruce Arena could snatch Messi and Fabregas from Barca and Arsenal respectively, LA Galaxy could just possibly the best team in US. but MLS does not posses such attraction to European players, therefore a possibility to land big names in football is very unlikely. Becks needs support and he needs it now. does Man Utd winning performances come from one player? well, possibly. but at times, Ronaldo was beyond helpful and at this moment his team mates would come in handy. their successful record at home would never be made without efforts by Ferdinand, Vidic and of course Van Der Sar. if the fans want to see some trophies, they would need to push more to buy world class players. could LA Galaxy do that? i doubt it. if option A is no longer available, perhaps Arena should capitalize Galaxy’s financial power to search for homegrown talent and start utilizing them. there’s always a way out, if we are willing to seek for it. thus, no more blaming game at the end of each season. one player can never turn around a dire situation without a help from others. please bear in mind that Ronaldo does not always the hero for Utd as other players would go hand in hand if things start to go bad.

dear Galaxy fans across the globe, please do not resort to whatever mean things you can think of for the sake of revenge. the only thing matter is title. players can come and go, but consistency need to be established, therefore no more disappointment in the future. David Beckham may have shortened his stay in LA, but you can still utilize his skill by implementing good tactical support. 

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