Friday, August 14, 2009

Becks is back


the friendly match is over and it’s time for the Englishman fly back to LA. i am not sure about his schedule but the next match will surely fall this weekend. his haters won’t miss this match as they are going to drive out the English midfielder from LA Galaxy. despite recent backlash with the fans, Becks i committed to guide Galaxy to win titles this season. the question remains is to which club he will be landing next January to spend his off season on loan in order to win a place in Capello’s squad. the likely destination will be AC Milan and it is confirmed by the coach himself who is eager to have Becks in his team. anyway, i enjoyed his performance during the friendly match and i must say, for a 34 year old, he’s certainly has the edge. he may lack of pace but his crosses are valuable.

Holland vs England 3 i have noticed that David Beckham isn’t wearing his much-preferred long sleeve jersey and instead going for the short one. has he done this to reveal his new tattoos? well, he have tattooed his forearm before and was reluctant to show them to the audience; why now? a good question indeed. perhaps if someone is opening up a live interview, i would post this question to him. he looks more sharp and manly i must say. yuck! i never thought i would say that!

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