Monday, August 31, 2009

David Beckham is in

a few days ago i posted a very extreme writing claiming Becks might not be picked by Capello for 2 upcoming matches for England this week and the following. this is not a cynical thought as some of you might have said, but a very reasonable doubt that was basically relied on previous Capello’s statements. whenever possible, press would bring up the question that Capello has made very clear from the start of his reign; David Beckham can only be considered once he has secured a loan deal next winter, and if he fails to do so David Beckham can say good bye to his 4th WC appearance. sounds very ironic but the truth is, i agree with him. it’s obvious to us, that MLS level is far too slow compared to other leagues in Europe. their playtime each year is limited to only 7 months and that is already included with other cup competitions. if you compare to Europe, they have more matches in a season and that alone could reach 35 games excluding European competitions.

while playing with MLS, Becks gained nothing than popularity in the Hollywood; but in football sense, he’s trailing far behind his former colleague, Ryan Giggs. though they came from the same academy, both went into separate ways 6 years ago when Becks had to endure Fergie’s wrath and sold to Real Madrid while Giggs enjoyed some good moments with ManU. he’s 35 now, but still play a large part in ManU matches both in premier league and European championship. his fitness and agility, though not as good as he might have been, are the main reasons Fergie keeps him in the Old Trafford for another year. had Beckham had not suffered relationship breakdown with the coach, would he have been in a very different situation than he currently is? probably yes. but instead of mending his soon-to-end career, he took a very shocking turn by accepting MLS team’s offer, LA Galaxy, and join them for 5 years deal and moved to California soon after his contract with Real Madrid expired. i know, it is far too late for him to go back on his words, but i believe he can still sort things out before WC 10 starts. it is unclear whether he would be back to Galaxy after his loan deal expire or, continue with his supposed loaned club, but that’s for other discussion. meanwhile, David Beckham is on the squad list for matches against, Slovenia and Croatia at Wembley this weekend and Wednesday, respectively. like i said earlier, i had a huge doubt David would be chosen to join the rest of the team, but eventually he is included.

will he get the chance to start this Saturday? i’m not sure. since it will be a friendly match, Capello might opt him out and replace with youngster, Lennon, who hasn’t impressed as much as he does in a club level, but will be chosen anyway. there are variety of formations Capello could choose from but i think he would go for, 4-3-3. with Ferdinand out injured, his place will mostly likely be taken by Lescott. the midfield pack will be as follow: Barry, Lennon, Lampard. the last time Heskey played, was the worse match ever for him, and i’m guessing he will not be given a chance as starter this time but instead Capello would go for cracking Defoe to partner Rooney upfront. well, we still short one player aren’t we? Gerrard will roaming just behind these two, i supposed. with this formation i’m guessing, again, that England could end up leading by one or two goal just before half time. after half time, we might see some changes going on in the England camp. Becks could earn his 114th cap by coming from the bench and replace either Lennon or Barry. will Capello converting his formation to 4-4-2? possibly. Barry would be replaced in the second half and Carrick will fill in his shoes partnering with Lampard in the centre. while on the flank, SWP and Beckham might replace Stew-G and Lennon respectively. possibly in the 50th minute Capello would change his firearms and replace his striker duo with Peter Crouch and Carlton Cole who has impressed me as well as others in the last match against Holland. will England reveal as winners? let’s hope so because they will face their most frightening nightmare next Wednesday, Croatia that is. i will discuss it as soon as the match against Slovenia ended.

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