Saturday, September 12, 2009

Capello full of praise for the former captain

Becks with Capellowe all know they had differences a while back, but Capello had apologized for his error and was willing to make amends, but it was already too late for him coz not long after the end of the season, he was fired by Real Madrid and he could have no more power to take Becks away from his new employer. apparently, their destiny is intertwined yet again and they are once again sharing dressing room. some quarters believe his caps were ‘given out’ by Capello and not once he was able to squeeze past through the other RWing-ers and earned his caps based on competitive matches. well, i don’t want to prolong my blog by discussing the rotten issue, and instead i want to quote Capello’s praise on Beckham and his reason on why Becks will always be there. here they go:

Capello said: “We will have to wait and see what happens in the next few months.

“But David Beckham is always with us because, for me, he is an important player.

“He is good in the group, he is good at every moment in training. Some players are important for the position and morale of the group.”

and here’s another good piece from Telegraph and another one

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