Monday, October 05, 2009

Alex Ferguson is minion evil

we all know his contributions to premier league and ManU in particular, but coming  out with meaningless words about referees are just plain dumb. his words claiming that the ref is completely unfit and deserves to be rested after a ‘jog’ he had done in the match was completely ugly. well, to be honest lots of referees do the same thing week in week out. whatever he was saying only revealing the true colors of Sir Alex Ferguson. instead of lashing out on his under performed players, he chose to attack the ref. what i saw during the match was a bunch of school boys parading the field. ManU were lucky to escape with 1 point at Old Trafford.  shame on you Ferguson.

i can’t imagine what would it be like if Wenger were the ones who came out with those words. Eduardo scenes come back to live…

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