Thursday, December 03, 2009

Beckham temptation

It's late and I'm supposed to be sleeping now but one thing has bugged me and forced to write this entry though it is now close to midnight.

England is desperate to hold WC in 2018 right In London. After few embarrassing mishaps in the beginning, FA decided to bring Beckham to South Africa in order to boost their chances in becoming the host of WC18. It was clear that few delegates and the FIFA head man himself were keen to meet Beckham face to face.

In short, these people were having a joyful time and clearly pleased with the global icon presentation of his country. No matter how sad his countrymen treat him, Beckham has always been there to offer them a hand. He has never been publicly loved by Britons after his sending off against Argentina back in 1998. Though his chance of playing in next WC is quite dim, he hasn't backed down and sincerely offered his hand in order to help his country win the votes for WC18.

What has made his effort priceless is the fact that he has personal grief to attend to but keeps his head up by making appearances for England's benefit in South Africa. His grandfather passed away later yesterday and due to be buried on Friday. He might skip WC draw in order to attend his grandfather funeral ceremony. He certainly has a big heart which might have skipped from anyone's attention. Those tabloids were quick to jab his new hairdo, but not his effort for England. He may not be the best football player around but he is certainly the most influential sport person on earth. Well done, Becks
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