Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here we go

when Arsenal finished second in the group, i had tiniest feeling we could meet Barcelona in the last 16. and so the history speaks for itself. we are indeed cannot escape for being drawn against mighty side after only finished behind Shakhtar Donetsk. though a lot of people are already drawing the line between champions and losers and we are being labelled as losers, i don't give a sh*t. i don't care about those people. we should pay attention to our own football not be bothered about them.

as you already know our team has been boost by Nasri's return to our side and some predicted he would start ahead of Arshavin. i, on the other hand don't agree with the plan to start him and leave Arshavin on the bench. Russian's form is improving every match and leaving him on the bench would damage his confidence once more. i'm sure some of you would agree with me, rushing a player is a foolish act and Wenger isn't one. he said it yesterday, he would decide again in the day of the match whether or not he will start him. i guess Cesc experience last season had given him a hard lesson.

other news is that we are now able to use Rosicky's service after he recovers from his illness; don't ask me what it was coz Wenger had not elaborate it yesterday. Vermaelen is still 2 weeks away while Frimpong, if everything works out as planned, might take part before the season ends. Diaby is out injured. this time it is his calf. no time scale had been given. but my bet is, he would be ready for the weekend. he will not play though since he is still serving his 3 match ban.

a lot has been said and many of them highlight how extraordinary it was for Arsenal to beat Barcelona, even if it is being played at their own backyard. Barcelona is by far, our toughest opponent in the competition and would probably the strongest side we will ever face this season. however, nothing is impossible. beating Barca will be the sweetest victory we achieve and how good it will be if we can trash them out of the competition early in the stage. some argue, Barca is far too early and would prefer to face them in the final. playing in champions league means we will be facing tough European clubs, be it Inter Milan, Bayern Munich or Barcelona. if we want to be considered as champions, we must beat these teams; no more no less. why do we squeak and scream of fear while we know the consequences. don't play with fear coz it will never bring us anywhere.

on other side of note, a group of fans are planning to chant "hands off Cesc" during the match, which i think will undermine the importance of the game itself. what matters the most it the result. in the end of the day, Barca would hunt our captain no matter what you chant or how loud it is. don't believe me? let's just wait till season ends, you will see.

among all headlines one question remains though; will Wenger risk Nasri and put Arshavin on the bench? we shall see in few hours. in the mean time, i'm going to drink a lot of caffeine in order to say awake. or probably, try some karaoke till my throat hurts.

be positive Gooners. we can win this game and continue our good run in the weekend against Leyton Orient. see you later...


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