Sunday, February 06, 2011

One disaster leads to another one

How cruel it would be if our title decider match was decided by Diaby silly reaction toward bartonuts nasty tackle. Yes it warrants a yellow from the ref but such tackle is permitted for certain ref and Dowd is not the exception. He turned blind eye on bartonuts ugly tackle to Diaby but he certaintly did not miss Diaby's shove on bartonuts.

I have too many things on my mind but i currently do not have the will to continue rambling on about how stupid Dowd was yesterdat. He gave a very soft 2nd penalty to newcashit and even awarded a yellow to Eboue when he had not done anything harmful to zebra players.

He was deemed incompetent by fergie 2 seasons ago and even insulted his physical condition. Fergie claimed he was unfit to overseeing a match. I though how poor it was from fergie. but seeing Dowd 2 years from the overweight-saga, i could see he is not only have fitness problem but his judgement seems to be affected as well.

No, i am not siding with our players. I won't defend them because they definitely are not worth any praise. Yes, 1st half performance was top notch but we did not show enough character to wrap up the match with convincing result. Where was the leadership when we needed it last night?. Where was our captain when order had to be put forth? No one took the role effectively, i tell you. I will not start on leadership crisis issue because currently, we do not need such provocative statement from anyone including the fans.

All we need to do now is to keep our focus on remaining matches and try to get maximum points in every possible opportunity. Take one step at a time. The first step is to win at Wembley and bring Carling cup home. Probably you would think it'd be a walk in the park for us to beat brummers but nothing is certain at this stage. We have this particular-nagging-incurable disease that won't go away. We had 4 unbelivable goals but let opponents got to us and drew level. Okay, it was down to Diaby's stupid and childish act and also put Dowd in the mix, we are there to be the joke of the town.

Alright i'm to harsh to myself and the club but i can't help it. I braced storms and thunders to find live stream and watch patiently. but all they did was threw me their stinking towels. What i'm talking about? I better be resting my battered brain and probably be writing a bit on our team thereafter


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