Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Quick update

It will be just a quick one. I'm on mobile so I won't be able to give links for reference, however it remains unnecessary to say that injury news needs no evidence. As Arsenal fans I'm sure all of you will very well understand what I'm trying to gather here.

As expected Walcott, Cesc, RvP are all missing for Wednesday match against Leyton Orient. On top of that, Koscielny and Song will most likely to miss as well. Surprised? Don't be. As a Gooner, we should not be surprised at all. These five players will also be left out for Sunderland and unless Madam Pomfrey is in town, I doubt we will see them again this week.

Meanwhile, Cesc could be starting for 2nd leg Champions League against Barca as Wenger claimed he would be 'possible' to play next week. Song and Koscielny would also be back in the team as they are expected to recover from knocks just in time before Nou Camp visit.

Dear oh dear. Persie is injured, yet again. Last time it was his ankle and today he's out because of knee injury. No one is willing to give clear time scale but Wenger said he would be unavailable for 3 weeks. But I sincerely doubt his statement. It usually takes longer when it strikes Persie. I'm sure he feels disappointed with himself after seeing his good run in the past 2 months. He must have thought he had passed his nightmare once and for all.

Another setback is the fact that Walcott still mending his sprained ankle. Honestly, when I saw him being stretched off the field, I knew he would be a long absentee and most likely to miss March fixture. It's a pity to lose him during crucial matches but injuries are hard to predict and it would make us fools to keep pondering why do these things happen to us, although I do sometimes think about our bad luck in recent years. Walcott can be our strongest player to punch Barca defence as they are pretty uncomfortable with set pieces. His pace will be greatly missed.

So what do we do now?. I suggest we take a deep breath and calm ourselves down. Injury means absence but it does not mean we are already losers in these games. We can coz we believe we can. Let's start with Leyton, then Sunderland on Sunday. Barca is still 2 matches away, so we better prepare and focus on our 2 games ahead and forget about Barca for a while. If we win against Leyton, it means we're in the quarterfinal and will meet arc rivals man utd. It makes FA match tomorrow more tasty isn't it?.

Come on Gunners!

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