Wednesday, September 27, 2006

im quite disappointed that beck might not be in the starting XI once more. i'd like to think positive but, then again, capello wants the best for his team and i dont blame him. what beck needs to do is to continue to impress his boss and score some goals. but i think its unlikely to happen if reyes still in good form. first, he was born with speed and likes to run no matter what happens and second, hes a newcomer so he wants to impress the club and stays with Madrid next season (he insists not goin back to premiere league for unknown reasons, most probably his family hates english stew). so beck could do nothin except accept his fate and doin his job 110%. rumours claiming beck still, isnt satisfied with the deal Real is pushing. he needs to 'pen' the deal soon or he has to look for another club and spends his entire career there.

well well Ste-C has announced his squad for a match against macedonia and guess what? beck wasnt on the list. i have had this thought of beck retiring early when Ste-C came in charge coz hes not the man who likes to keep his words. lennon off coz injury and owen h. as well but still, his phone received no calls from the england coach. looks like beck has to be satified with 94 caps coz hes unlikely make the squad as long as Ste-C in charge. england have history playing well during qualifying games but fail surprsingly soon after the championship begins. lets hope this time they wont make the same mistake again and i'll pray to God beck will be chosen once again to represent his country.

now lets talks about sunday game against atletico madrid. this is the derby ppl have been waiting for. atletico played well under their new coach and could be a threat to Real Madrid if they dont take this game seriously. guti claiming they will win with 3-0 but i dont think atletico will let scoresheet goes that way. as long as they have torres, nothin could go easily for any teams. capello needs to find magical formula to strengthen his defence. if another team had been playing last wednesday, the scoresheet wouldnt be that amaxing. Real let the oppenents running wild at the back and exposed their cute goalkeeper openly. this time around would be badly bruised if they let torres skip casillas and lead the scoreline. i think will capello stick to last lineup and play raul as a right midfielder this time around. i still, think beck deserves his place but im not the coach. lets just wait and see, hopefully barca will be run out since the injury on eto'o. but they still have plenty talented players such as ronaldinho, giuly, xavi and not forgetting young player lionel messi. im certainly goin to enjoy my weekend ....


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