Monday, September 25, 2006

Real Madrid won their game for 3rd consecutive weeks. but im still unconvinced with their perfomance due to lack of persistent in the midfield. i gradually consider their defence picking up a good sign of improving. they have difficulties to keep the ball at their side as the possesion dropped after 2nd half. however, choosing emerson to partner diarra was brilliant idea. they both barely played for half season but continue to impress and showing people why capello wanted them in the first place. too bad becks wasnt included in the starting lineup. im sure press would love to boost this story up into something else. no one cared when cristie ronaldo sat in the bench, but beck? im sure the headlines will go like this 'no come beck to XI for beck' didnt hit it quite right but im sure it wouldnt differ much to what i have mentioned above. probably capello wants to make sure everyone has a piece in the lineup and makes it clear no one in the squad is untoucheable. this is the time for beck to show people what hes all about and assure his teammates that he will regain his form in no time. but hes a fair player he didnt show his disappointment and gave a warm 'shake hands moments' with reyes. hopefully he will come back to his best soon so he can shut off peoples blabbering mouth. he got his 1st goal last week and i really do hope he can get lots more this season. he deserves a salute to his professionalism and loyalty to both his club and national but none was given to him. he brought lots of things to football. although it may not always be in football works but he certainly gives football an edge and sense of style. he helps make football recognized in all over the world, i mean who doesnt know dave b probably only aliens who dont know him. im curious to see whose gonna start this week for champs league, hopefully it would turn out good for real for having lost to lyon 2 weeks earlier and dismiss criticism that haunts them. go guys...i know you can make it!! viva Real Madrid!! btw arsenal won again! and this time in their own backyard. 1st time so far this season after having lost the last 2 matches. winning against Man U certainly gave them a huge boost for last weeks game against sheffield united. Henry scored a goal and collected 2 goals so far, i think he needs time to recover his rhythm and soon he will 'wow' the crowd once more. i miss seeing theo walcott playing and definitely arsenal need a player like him, someone who can run into defence and spoil any defensive players exist. anyhow current players continue to impress esp rosicky and my dear ehm ehm. cant wait to watch my fav clubs play champs league this week and hopefully they will win. franco and davey good luck.....


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