Tuesday, October 17, 2006

holla...wooowww it's been a great day but not for the result of real madrid last game against getafe..hixhixhix actually yesterday i was going to write about my craving for apam balik. but i was too busy and i wasn't in the mood (really!). So i decided to write today. in sunday me, my mom, and my sist decided to go to pasar tani and guess what the traffic was sux! me and my mom had to buy food in the rain but at least we got what we wanted. es kelapa, apam balik, martabak, and sup tulang. sooo glad my sist decided to drop off us there b4 we went back home. but i still want air tebu because of the rain i didn't get the chance to look further inside...
today i'm going to watch arsenal vs cska moscow and real madrid against steua bucharest *i'm praying arsenal and real madrid will win!!*. i have butterfly on my stomach hehe i'm too excited i think.
and yessss the phone call from my dad..it makes me real damn happy i know it's not an absolute decision yet but i hope..real soon!!i'm overwhelmed by the reaction of my dad and i hope it will come to reality *after the suffer i went thru in my life, the pain, the drama, and the tears inside of me*
my life has been great and the ppl around me are soo great too i feel blessed. everything that has happened makes me more cautious bout things and i know i'm a bit fragile but who knows..i'm still building from scratches so it really takes time i hope God will guide me thru this life and thru it all basically. i have to take responsibilites to everything that i've done in my life.
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