Wednesday, October 18, 2006

its definitely not a good week, well so far. my fav clubs have been struggling and have yet to impress me. first, its Real Madrid. i know they won their 2nd consecutive match last night but that wasnt the idea. whats the point of winning if the team do not perform better. sure, its a win but did that guarantee their success? a big NO. still, the defence play in their usual style, that is not to keep mark on opponents. i watched the match against getafe and all i saw was a horror. it seems they do not aware of the importance of marking and keeping tabs on everybody on the pitch and leave them to running havoc on casillas territory. they have to work hard on that coz this weekend they will play barca, the most challenging opponent so far. a win against steau bucharest is the key to get things right, so they will remember how the goals boost their morale and keep motivated to score some goals against barca; ok 1 goal is enough but not a draw. they passes are still vulnerable esp in the midfield area, they lose possesion so often till i lost count and thats not good. they need to work on that too so they will control the game perfectly. i really hope Real will figure out somethin to come up against barca who are curently in a good form. they may lose eto'o but certainly they have other options such as gudjonsen (i hope i spell it correctly) and even ronaldinho can play in attack. they do need to work hard.
as for Arsenal, they were very unlucky to have 2 goals disallowed not on their consent. the 1st one the referee got it right but the 2nd goal was thierrys night. however, it seems the referee needs another pair of eyes to help him with his nightmare judgements. hes a controversial referee without a doubt. it was not an offside position and it certainly wasnt a handball, so Arsenal deserved a draw last night. they fought well Arsenal, this is what Real madrid should take lesson on, and nothin in that game could stop them. i agree they didnt play as they supposed to but their winning spirit was there. they were comfortable with possesions but not graced with luck and rarely challenged the moskows goalkeeper who had a tremendous night. on the other hand, moskow deserved the win after a lousy play of Arsenal and nearly double the lead minutes after their 1st goal. i am very impressed with daniel carvalho who single handedly led his team to a victory. i think Arsenal need a player like him who can manouver beautifully around the pitch. they have lost reyes, thankfully coz i disrespect his loud mouth, and need someone with naturally gifted left footed player. of course rosicky is a marvelous player but hes a right minded player and they cant count on ljunberg all the time (he can play either side although his right foot means he cant do much on the left) coz hes 31 and needs rest sometime. hleb was ok when he first joined the squad but he rarely made a good pass from the right. two players were fantastic last night, fabregas and gallas deserved standing ovation of what theyve done in the match. gallas is such a strong leader in the back and clearly showed what chelsea missed severely by giving a good impression with Arsenal. this isnt the end for Arsenal coz they have matches to prove what they are about and of course qualifying for the next round in champs league. good luck to both teams for their next matches..........

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