Monday, October 23, 2006


bubububu....i'm having a big blast!! first it was the man utd vs liverpool that made me giggle *2-0 man!* and i love the goals..especially from rio ferdinand it was awesome! i'm not a fan of man utd or liverpool but it was as my sist said clash of the titans. so we decided to watch and just hv fun *it was fun though!*. to look at mimi la rue and the gank's faces just made my day. they let the red devils won that day not because man utd were more superior or anything but liverpool didn't do anything meaningful to stop man utd and try to score some goals. they just let the hungry man utd scored goals..hihihi

dudududu...GUNNERS SMASHED READING BY 4-0. WHEN CHELSEA ONLY MANAGED TO SCORE 1-0 *my sist told me that it's not a secret that chelsea's always like that theyre so good at winning games by 1-0*. i mean when i look at the way gunners played yesterday, i could see their confidence. i can't imagine how proud wenger is to have the -used to be-non-famous players but now are among famous players in the world *because of their talent and skill*i could see that they're hungry for more on that game. maybe they've learned the lesson from sloppy defeat against cska moscow *shame..shame..shame* but a sweet revenge is around the corner *meeting mr carvalho once again in emirates stadium*. all the best gunners!

dumdudumdudumdudum...YES IT FINALLY HAPPENED LOS BLANCOS BEAT BARCA BY 2-0..ain't it cool??i didn't expect but thank god it happened coz we as los blancos fans have been waiting for this to happen since last year. pheewww a very-very big break for real madrid. i hope they'll continue playing like this coz i love it when they played well and score some important goals. i'm speechless...i'm soo grateful for this and to GOD that heard my prayer.



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