Monday, October 23, 2006

hes such a talented young player and im positive he'll be more a sensational football player if he stays under arsene wengers 'touch'. thats probably the reason on why he extends his contract to eight yrs! whatta number. i usually heard max of 5 yrs extension but 8? never heard of. im sure arsene is glad to keep his teenage sensation at arsenal for some time. last night was another prove that cesc is a keymaker for arsenal and if he keeps up his good work like this he will be more than pleased and win a champions league perhaps?. i knew hed be a good player when he substituted vieira 3 yrs back, and then he became my fav player in arsenal, not mentioning his adorable looks. there are many exciting young players in arsenal and they are GOOD, i mean very good. theres alex hleb (sometimes he tend to forget his own goal post) who can be the next ljunberg. and dont forget to mention rosicky, who had a splendid night and almost scored a goal for himself after having a hand in hlebs goal. lehmann, again, proves his strong hands are better than kahn, he stopped all chances occured on his goal. arsene deserves to be happy to see his side easily cracked open reading solid defence. chelsea had a hard time prying up readings defence a fortnight ago, wondering why?. sadly, theres no one in arsenal who can substitute henry in the future considering his age will slowly taken his magic. i doubt persie will fill in henrys boot, not that hes a bad player but hes got an attitude that i do not enjoy to see on the field. im sure wenger will eventually find someone that can be as good as him like he discovered henry years ago and become a legend in arsenal following ian wrights step. this win will of course, help the team to rediscover their form after sluggish display against CSKA moskow. i cant wait to see them play again next week......


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