Sunday, October 29, 2006

well, its a picture of dave b when he was happy with Real and played an important part for their side. i noticed far more less of his pictures in Real official website. is this a sign or its just me playing worry? but it might be true though, i used to see an article dedicated to him when he was injured last season. however, none for this season. calderon, the president of Real, keep assuring the deal is still on and dave b is keen to stay in Real. well, mr calderon if he indeed keen to stay at your side why would he keep his 'oath' pending and waiting for another offer to 'board' into another ship. hes not asking much, just more minutes mr capello. hes not mulling or grumbling over nothin, hes 31 and he doesnt have 5 0r 6 yrs therefore he needs to build up his strength toward the end of his carrer. he is now competing with young players such as robinho and reyes. and this is only the beginning, when they get better or worse, score a lot more goals than beck, hes no longer valuable for the club. probably the reason Real bought him in the 1st place was to be the richest club in the world. and when they got what they desired, he is left in the darkness. poor babe, he doesnt deserve such treatment, i dont know what hes done wrong but it might be his time to think over his decision to stay in Real. whatever, he says i believe he only wants the best for Real. contrary to what ppl say, hes not selfish, its not that i know him but my instinct tells me hes a good person, and silently demand to be inluded in 1st team squad thats just not him. being benched isnt new for footballers but after few games and only starting 1 game for the team, its absurd for a player like dave b who has lots experiences in his pocket. ok, there are other players in the squad, so what? hes included in the team isnt he? so let him run on the field for 90 mins. he played for full time for the 1st after several hiccups but it was a joke coz at at that time reyes wasnt able to play due to injury. now reyes out of the spotlight, robinho comes into the picture. how suqs is that? no matter how hard he trains and performs, capello overlooks him and prefers younger players rather than him. very sad for him, not being able to play at his best. had he known this would have happened, he had surely chosen barca rather than Real, sorry to say. they, at least, won 2 la liga titles and 1 champs league but Real? none. they are catching up surely, but i doubt they clinch titles with beck on their side as he might have considered leaving. capello was interviewed after a match and he claims hes satisfied with beck service and wish him to stay at Real, however he did say that he sees beck as a right winger but he has other players to play in that position as well. isnt that a sign that a coach doesnt want him anymore? its like "ok dude you want to stay so you have to abide my rules if you want to leave, i have nothin to lose" kinda speech. i have no idea what is he thinking right now, but im sure its the best for his family. if he indeed goes to US, his boys wouldnt find difficulties adjusting with the languange, unlike in spain they need to study local tongue. im not sure whether he will be played in weds match against steau (i hope my spelling is correct) bucharest at home since Real claim hes suffering an injury. if not, it will definitely be a headline for the following days newspaper news and claiming beck running out of steam at Real. i also noticed ronnie hasnt played a full time since he overcame his injury 3 weeks ago. capello made a sign he would partner ronnie and ruudtje upfront, but ronnie still on the bench for unknown reasons. he might not ready after all or he probably afraid to drop spaniards from his squad as it will provoke a 'resign' order from the crowd. well, i guess i just have to wait and see whether beck will feature in next fixture......very sad.

note: why he still suffers an injury.....waiting him to come on....


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