Friday, November 24, 2006

i chose to write bout her for my last post coz ppl have said a lot bout her divorce case. and frankly, i quite disgusted. well, k-fed wont be like what he is today without her silly help. she 'made' him....sorry to say shes just the same as k-fed. and now shes trying to get her famous back by making public appearances everywhere. most ppl love the idea of letting her wedding band off her lousy finger, but to me she'll always be britney who likes the attention. and her smile seems funny to me, whats wrong with her mouth? most prob some lose joints....anyway with all the controversies around her marriage she definitely gain a point here. she'll prob release her alb soon and all the dilemmas and controversies will help her make it to the top. just like what nick lachey did, and now he has fame in his pocket. well well she just the same and lame. shes showing her new image as 'it' girl by goin out with paris hilton. why dont you mind your boys brit? they need you at home rather than spending your time partying prob its better for you to feed your baby, girl....i used to like her but after shes acting strange i totally change my view toward the former teen queen. man....she cant sing, prob she can dance (a bit) but that doesnt guarantee her success in the future. whatever....


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