Friday, November 24, 2006

ok, i've watched 007 casino royale and it's a must watch movie for bond fans and also everyone who likes to watch action movies. this movie is superb, i love the main characters, the storyline, the action scenes, and of course the casino part. before this, i wasn't really into bond movies except the old ones and of course i wasn't planning on spending my money to watch pierce brosnan as bond. but daniel craig as bond? i raised my eyebrow *i was trying to..i couldn't do it* i mean i've watched him b4 in tomb raider he's a man made of steel not suitable for bond who's really2 intelligent, supposed to be sexy, and has charisma *daniel craig looks like a bloody assassin*. but well as time went passed away i read from several websites stating how good he was as bond and to be honest i was very surprised myself. i told my sist "haha what is this..maybe we shud try to catch this one". and so we hop into our car, in the middle of the heavy rain *it's rainy out here* we sacrificed our time hoping the movie would turn out damn good, or i'd be the james bond myself *haha*. and it was!! the movie succesfully entertained both of us we're crazy about the action scene. i think maybe we misjudged a lil bit about daniel craig but at least he did a great job and he prove that the critics were wrong. wellwellwell this movie was based on the first novel and will be the last one based on a novel. so let's see if the next installment is as good as this one. well just keep the hope alive*duh*
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