Friday, November 24, 2006

im back again....sure i'll always be. it seems ridiculous reading news bout this gentleman above. its not that i do not care bout his desire but it seems Real put salt on his wound over and over again. im not certain whether the news is a credible one coz it seems absurd with a lot of non sense as an add on ingredient. it says someone from inside Real Madrid or he put it in as somebody from board of directors insists theres no further contract negotiation with beck and he assures media that a lot of board directors want to overboard this man as soon as they can. well, hearing a lot of rubbish recently from both newspaper and electronic medias makes me sick of them. why cant they leave him and his family alone. there are plenty of players who have yet to renew their contract but no one is busy talking bout them. well, its bcoz hes david beckham and everybody around the world knows him. i think hes more valuable as a player more than as 'a show business'. sadly, not many ppl would think the same way as i do. it might be a coincidence but after Real signed him in 2003, Real rocketing to no 1 in 3 yrs time to be the wealthiest club on earth. and now Real signed a deal with spanish media mediapro worth estimated 1.1 billion euros and it has been declared the biggest tv deal ever made in history. this is of course, a huge boost for calderon as a president. he barely stand for the position more than a few months, he has brought some guarantee that they will remain comfortly in top position for 2nd consecutive year as no 1 club on earth. well, its time for the sporting side to make something for the fans as they have yet to impress ppl with their worse records ever. beck might or might not extend his contract but surely the club got what their wanted, fame and glory.


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