Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i hv no idea where to begin..i'm definitely not in a good mood. gosh i dunno what i hv done this time you know it really sux so baad. and i've been listening re-arranged by limp bizkit, coz i kinda think the song perfectly suit me. i'm re-arranging myself. what i want, what i need, and OMG this is really painful. i've gone thru so many bad relationships and being double crossed by foes. but this!! this is HELL. guess God is being good with me, the story btwn my bff-me is still going on and it becomes much more worst than i thought. i tried to be nice but my bff showed no respect so i decided to pull the trigger. my bff has loads of friends and my bff got that fuckin bastard. prove me that i'm totally wrong or whatever but still noone could do his/her best like me. i tried so hard even i forgot about my happiness just for my bff but guess what my bff left me behind when my bff got her crowd. but what about when the crowd gets bitter and they left? my bff would definitely search for me i mean my bff is just sooo damn bff could not last even a minute without anyone's sympathizing for everything. i know i'm still sad about what had happened but all i need right now is some time and space to move on i hope my bff will find peace *which i doubt* and i'll get thru it.
signing off,
lilnote: stop dreaming, it's over and done don't you dare to text me saying how much you missed me and those kind of bullshit.fix yourself coz i can't fix you these scars is all i hv left i hope truth will prevail.

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