Monday, November 20, 2006

poor him, he goes under pressure again and the suspects are without a doubt pressmen. weeks after weeks he has been rumoured to exit Real Madrid this january. no matter how hard he tries to convince ppl that hes comfortable at Real, newspapers always find a way to upset him. this time around about his attendance in tomkats wedding. ok, he attended their pre-wedding party but that doesnt mean he was there at the wedding. it seems pressmen are too excited seeing dave b suffer, only God knows the real reason is. all the headlines stating the same lame news, 'estrange relationshiops between beck and his coach, capello'. although the club and capello himself already stating their stand, ppl dont bother and keep assuming becks future career. capello stated in the Reals official website after the match that beck was allowed to leave for rome coz the doctor said he could and he also said beck didnt miss a training not even a minute. is that a sound statement form the coach? well i pressume it isnt enough for public. they keep lambasting him as if he isnt human after all. however, the becks are used to this scenario and keep goin with their usual life, that is to become the target of paparazzi. i even laughed at news saying that beck went to tomkats WEDDING! how hilarious is this?. they must have overlooked the man in the VIP box wacthing his teammates take on racing santander last saturday. luckily, he decided to watch the game, i cant imagine not seeing him throughout the game. most probably they would create another scene and saying beck flew without capellos consent. yet, another rubbish to send beck packing. anyhow, champs league is bout to begin this midweek and look like he will miss this game as well due to his injury in his knee. well, i just hope Real could win this game since they lost to lyon weeks before. i pressume, capello would most likely use the same lineup as he has done it before. i am very frustrated coz im unable to watch the game. hopefully, it will be aired in local tv stations.


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