Thursday, November 16, 2006

PS3 launch is around the corner. pardon me, i meant around the corner in the US. ppl are willing to stand the weather for hours probably days to get ahead of 'touching' the brilliant gadget. it'll be only 17 of nov but ppl are already anxious to get their hands on the new next-gen console PS3, which i doubt Wii fans can overtake this moment. it seems wars between game producers are getting heavier and they wont stop there. microsoft is trying to divert ppls attention from its rivals by preparing sales of its the most waited games of the year. and not only that nintendo is now ready to launch its successor of gamecube which is Wii. im so excited hearing such news, that means theres an obvious competition between these producers and we, users, would like to see more exciting games coming up this year. unfortunately, a few of PS3 games will not be made available this year as EA has announced to push back its sale to early 2007 and i believe many others follow its suit to make fans wait a lil more. cant wait to here more news bout the console itself coz lots of ppl have been excited to see how PS3 counterattack XBOX360

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