Monday, November 27, 2006

olla..gosh i hate worms!!especially worms that have been bugging my computer!!those hackers must hv nothing to do than ruining other ppl computers. i'm currently listening to christina aguilera *FIGHTER* my sist said this song is my ANTM!! hohoho guess she's soo damn right. after the drama, and the pain guess i kinda feel that i'm so over those things. i'm trying to live my life the best that i can. sometimes i feel like i don't really remember the suffer i had in the pas. maybe part of me want to erase it and move on. although i still can feel the tears i had back then. i'm not playing the victim or anything i'm just sick of being everybody's scapegoat when something bad happened and i'm soo damn tired for "them" to talk shitty things about me. i rarely talk to other ppl about my past even about the bruises inside me, i do talk to my sist so i can have someone to talk to and someone who can give me good advices.
they're all drama queens
who can't stop looking for attention
and blaming ppl around them for the mess they have created in their life
i feel a bit sleepy and this computer makes me want 2 kill myself!!those worms are unberable oh Dear God, what have happened why is this keep happening and why is it so hard for that person to understand and learn all the lessons?? this is soo complicated sometimes i feel like i can't take it anymore. i just wish..ooh wishes..i wish for so many things. last week was one of the worst weeks, arsenal lost to bolton, da villa and canna got injured, real madrid played like 2nd division team *that's what my sist said*, man utd draw with chelski, the episode of gilmore girls was even worst. can i just have a marvellous week or a day flawless??
this is deff not my fav colour..looks ugly but i hvn't tried this one, so *scratching my head* i don't know what to write coz i really2 hv no idea. mebbe i just can't wait to hv a great weekend *it's monday moron* blah still long way to go. my sist is having her period so she eats much more worst than a horse hohoho. she just ask me to accompany her to the kitchen, as usual i'm busy with nonsense so she continue playing with her ps.
signing off, see ya in the next post

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