Monday, November 27, 2006

well well the score sheet shows 0-1, an advantage for Real madrid. but i am certain most ppl who watched the match last night agreed that Real were lucky to win the match. it was clear there was only one team playing last night, that was valencia. combined with lethal attacking midfielders, they dominated the game completely after 1st min. i didint see why capello proud with this team. if i were to be their coach, id say 'no rest till you give me good performance and results'. last night game was unacceptable coz they practically didnt care on winning the game, instead putting every harsh tackle they can produce to give them a better chance. it wasnt Real Madrid i saw last night, it was a segundo league team searching their best form to beat title contenders. i know its totally mean to say those words, esp when im talking about my fav club. but that was an honest review that came from my heart and they cant deny the fact, getting a result doesnt guarantee a title this season. playing such as that, wont give a slight advantage over sevilla or mighty barca. both team are strong this season and judging by their last matches, i do not doubt they can win something this season. back to my fierce judging for the match, i completely embarassed with the performance. ppl will tell much more about the winning in mestalla, but they certainly overlook Real poor management in the middle. upfront they have ruudtje with 110,000 ways to score goals but there are serious problems in midfield that capello need to look into. reyes didnt perform the way he supposed to and robinho seemed distracted over something that night not even exist. they got lucky when carlos made an intelligent run to the left wing and giving a brilliant pass to raul who cleverly put Real ahead. but after that, everything went chaotic. valencia put their available men upfront. and nothing can be done for Real to settle the game peacefully and beautifully. before Real can say 'yes, we win the game' valencia pressurized in every angle possible that almost brought a goal which missed badly by silva. valencia might lose their best strikers but certainly their midfielders gave possible options for the next match. while Real struggling with their best team, valencia did most of the damage last night and almost got away with 3 points. capello needs to work on his midfield, there was a huge gap in the middle and it showed quite clearly both emerson and diarra cannot work together as partners and they are as bad as lampard and stew-g in the WC 06. whatever it is, capello reluctant to replace one of these men, instead he plays them as if they are 'the wall' for los blancos. this is why ruudtje failed to shine last night or even score a goal coz his 'sleepyhead' friends fell asleep throughout the match and gave cheap possesion to opponents. why why Real? you might not win anything this season as your style of play hasnt improved from year to year. havent you learned your priceless lesson so far?. well mr capello you better make smart decision fast coz if not, fans will be much angrier than they are now.


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