Tuesday, December 19, 2006

01. What time is it now?
- almost SEVEN pm

02. What are you doing?
- surfing net, and listening to itunes

03. Thinking of Anyone?
- yeah

04. Are you Happy/Blur/Sad etc?
- happiest!!

05. Why?
- mebbe coz i'm feelin' marvellous for canna, a bit sad for the red card he received, and realizing that past is real to remind me to keep my head down even after so many things.

06. What is the last thing you ate?
- bananas!!

07. Last thing that you've heard that made you cry?
- i hvn't cried for ages..i dun really2 remember..i know i've received bad treatments from ppl and i feel sad deep down but nothing really made me cry. loads of things that made me feel like crying but i didn't cry.

10. Whats the last movie that made you cry?
- i'm not watching movies to make me cry but to make me feel happy

12. Who do you wish to be by your side?
- ppl who hv respect toward me *viceversa*, kindhearted, humble, who love and care about me the way iam, and none from my past.

13. Regretted anything in this month?
- why shud i hv any regrets?life is only happen once..live a life, make awful mistakes but try to fix 'em, don't do the same mistakes twice and learn every lesson in life

14. Did you fall in love/out of love inthis month?
- in love but not falling or even out of love..

15. Who was the last person you talked to?
- my sist b4 she has her siesta

16. Who was the last person you hugged?
- my sist hugged me

17. Who was the last person you sms?
- my mom..

18. What did you dream of today?
- i hvn't had any dreams lately..i'm too tired to think i guess

19. Who can make you laugh?
- my sist *she can make my mad too*, my mom, my dad, and my lovely crowd..they make me laugh all the times..i always blend with ppl who are funny and good kind.

20. Who always takes care of you?
- myself.

21. Anyone you know is in pain?
- myself?haha

24. What happen?
- just trying to pass the same old road

25. What do you wanna do before you die?
- only God knows when..but i'm trying to be a better person with so much aspirations in life.

26. What song is stuck in your head?
- as if by blaque!!

27. What song are you listening now?
- dancing in the moonlight..by toploader such a happy song!!makes me happy too

28. Worried about anyone?
- mebbe

29. What age do you wanna get married?
- doesn't matter as long as i'm ready and i'm with the right person..not forgetting with God and my parents blessings..but not now commitments are complicated*been there done that* marriage isn't on top of my list and it's not on the last one either.

30. How many children do you want?
- not many mebbe 2 or three

31. Where do you wanna go for Honeymoon?
- as long as i'm with Y.O.U!! yes you..

32. Any plans in this 2 month?
- prep for a new fence *huh?*

33. Describe a perfect wedding?
- gosh..i'm not sure coz i'm not planning any but i think my kind of perfect wedding is the small kind of wedding but nice and lovely, lovely ppl*by invitations only*, good cake, good food, and air-conditioned room, of course i'm only going to get hitched with God and our parents blessings, my mommadaddasistabrotha are there with me, his parents lovin me, i'm with the right person who'll love me *one and and only till the end of the world haha* taking care of me when i'm sick knows his responsibilities as my hubby n father, i think for me as long as i hv the blessings, and i'm with the right person God has sent me nothing else matters.

34. Describe a perfect Date?
- i just asked my sist yesterday haha i gues he needs to meet my family first coz i'm not going out without their permission, mebbe going to a movie, have a non-formal dinner/lunch, definitely he has to impress me with his personality *be real* and he has to make me laugh and have fun. coz for me having fun is the essential of perfect date. i don't mind going out to his fav spot *as long as it isn't a club i hv asthma* and have a nice talk.

35. Where would you like to go for Holiday?
- anywhere will do..

36. Do you play instrument?
- nope i enjoy watching other ppl play but i just don't hv it in my blood

38. Do you have a band?
- nope..

39. What song do you want to listen to?
- as if by blaque

40. Wish you could die??
- no..i'm enjoying my life although everyday is a tough day..

41. Do you give up easily?
- not all the time i dun really give up coz i keep hope inside of me when things go nasty.

42. Do you know anyone that acts like a kid?
- besides me?my bro..he's very2 childish sometimes

44. Do you know anyone that is rude?
- loads of em

45. What's the sweetest thing anyone ever done?
- when my dad bought me chocolates+candies+furrystuff everytime he went to australia or japan..when my mom bought me a very rare hairclip, when my sist hold my hands during rough moments, and when my bro hug me cos he hadn'e seen me in weeks. i think many ppl hv done sweet things for me but all i can remember is when my family did sweet stuff for me. i'm very2 close to my family, theyre the reason i'm who iam, i love you all.

47. Any sweet unforgetful memories with your Ex?
- none..my Xs are jerks and belong in hell wait, i guess when i finally dumped them and they all asking for -onlyGodknowshowmanychancesigavethem- me to take them back or shud i say REDEMPTION?take my words..be the one who dump your bf believe me theyll run back to you like losers..especially if you're a good gf like me haha!!

48. Honestly.. Which Ex did you love the most?
- none..especially my X who likes to talk shits about me to ppl who actually hate me..gosh why did i accept you in the first place anyway?loser!!looking for a sympathy?let me put my fist where it belong..your face!

49. Who do you want to be hugged by?
- can i say someone who's on my phone's wallpaper?

50. Are you enjoying life?
- yeah why shudn't i?life is enjoyable when you want to..i'm not smoking, i don't drink, and i don't do drugs i can still hv fun!! even without clubs i can still dance to the music i love. i believe God has created doors for us and God never pushes us to pick which one but we do pick which doors we want to..if you're life sux don't blame God blame yourself, wake up and realize that there are others who might going thru much more rough path than you're now. do not dwell..be gracious, be grateful for your life and give more to humanity.


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