Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Francesc Fabregas has lifted the lid on his spat with former Arsenal left-back Ashley Cole, saying that the player is now forgotten and that Cole didn't show any respect to his former team mates.

Fabregas refused to shake Cole's hand after Arsenal's draw with Chelsea and there were reports for a tunnel bust-up between the two players.

The Spanish midfielder said: "For me, Ashley Cole is a closed subject. He is not a friend because after leaving Arsenal he said many unjust things about us.

"In the world of football, respect between companions is the key - and he broke this rule.

"This player is forgotten - and also the person. I do not want to speak to him again.

"I believe that Cole was very well treated by Arsenal and that his response was not correct.

"I still don't think I am a star, but a player who desires to progress each day.

"On the pitch I appear to be fragile but week by week I am ripening and will never be intimidated by anyone. Never."

courtesy of arsenal-mania.com

ouch..that kinda hurts haha i'm lovin' this..i used to be a fan of tr-ash cole until arsenal-mania *where i got this info* revealed how cruel tr-ash cole was.. he kept saying nasty stuff about gooners and he doesn't deserve l.o.v.e at all. i also heard that the un-glamorous reality show that he did with his fake wife was cancelled. that's what you get if you're being such a jerk! he's a bloody money-maniac *that's why he moved to chelski* and jot this, gael clichy will be much more better lb than tr-ash cole, just look at his talent and unlike tr-ash cole he doesn't lose the ball easily, he doesn't shoot for his own purposes, he doesn't fall down theatretically *tr-ash cole is soo damn good at this*, *clichy* runs much faster, and of course he doesn't talk the way tr-ash cole does.hell is where liars belong.


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