Thursday, January 18, 2007

bags og candies
holla..gosh it's been forever since my las post..yeah i've been busy, and i've been paying *loads of* attention to dave-b saga. dunno what to say, i feel bummed coz i'm a fan of dave-b and vic *i just bought her book that extra half an inch* i was hoping he'd stay at real madrid. but it was his call *a very tough one* and i think he made a very2 smart move. last night i had a very2 strange dream, maybe i miss most of the characters in my dream hehe. i feel so bad for my sist, she'd and is currently going through hell in her life. i know everything happens for a reason and i hope the reasons behind this will make her smile for life. i'm a bit bummed with laguna beach is ending their 3rd season next week, csi:miami has ended their latest season last wed, and no csi:ny, csi, supernatural, the hills..hixhixhix at least i'm still breathing and having a blast evry single minute with my loved ones. and i'm so hooked with my sist's psp and my baby-pod *everything looks good in black*. this week's clashes are btwn chelsea vs liverpool, arsenal vs man utd. i'm hoping gunners will ahow their qualities and play an outstanding football against man utd. as for chelski vs liverpool, it's hard to predict i think it depends on the squad list. i bet mourinho won't let chelski's fans upset this time. i'm a fan of riise, aurelio, and alonso but i'm no liverpool fans it's fun to see gerrard sweating off his pants when they're losing their grip. haha! *peace!!* i think watching football is amazing. i have all mixed up feelings about football, especially during last world cup. i think it was my most wonderful gift ever. i love the atmosphere when people from different bcakground, race, color, language, etc unite for their teams.
see you at my next post..i have to sign off coz i got nothing else to say!!

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