Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has apologised for his outspoken criticisms of the club's players and fans made in a speech to university students on Tuesday. "I want to apologise a thousand times to anyone that might have been offended," Calderon told Real Madrid television. "But I want people to know that everything I've done since I got here has been for the good of the club."

His comments to a student conference at the Villanueva University Centre were recorded without the knowledge of Real Madrid and later aired on national radio. "There is vanity, egoism and they all think they are superstars," Calderon told the students when describing the Real Madrid dressing room. "Real Madrid players never pay for anything. You have education and culture and that's something that they in general don't possess." Calderon also took a swipe at David Beckham's decision to leave Real and sign a five-year deal worth $250 million for MLS side Los Angeles Galaxy. "He's going to Hollywood to be half a film star," he said. "Our technical staff were right not to extend his contract and that has been proved by the fact that no other technical staff in the world wanted him except Los Angeles." Calderon also went on to accuse former club president Florentino Perez of deliberately sabotaging his attempt to sign AC Milan's Brazilian midfielder Kaka in the close season. "Perez hasn't exactly given me any support," he said. "He spoke with (AC Milan president) Silvio Berlusconi so that he would renew Kaka's contract and Berlusconi pressured him to sign." Calderon added: "If I am still president in June it is very likely that Kaka will be joining us." Perez issued a denial of the accusations, saying he had been forced to break his recent silence because of the "magnitude of Calderon's lie". "It is totally false that I spoke to Silvio Berlusconi about Kaka or any other player," the construction magnate said in a statement. "The whole suggestion is rather infantile." The club's fans did not escape Calderon's ire with the Real chief saying that the Bernabeu faithful were too hard to please. "It's a stadium where people go as if they were going to the theatre. The people don't support the team, not like in Italy and England." Real issued a statement on their Web site saying they were surprised and disappointed that Calderon's comments had been recorded and played on national radio. "The president was only trying to help students understand the importance of management in a business as big as that of Real Madrid," the club said.

ive taken this article from and laughing till my head comes off my neck. he made comments on players and fans. how cool is that seeing a president of one of the most remarkable clubs on earth losing his temper like that? seriously this is much funnier than i ever thought. well, dont ever blame your players capello if their losing their cool as well, probably they have taken a lesson from their dear president hohoho. if beck transfer saga isnt occupying half of newspapers pages, this could be a fine choice to write about. i remember calderons comment on beck few months ago, long before this issue arised, he has said more than once that beck is a fantastic player despite his little involvement in real matches, he hasnt complained verbally to capello and the club regarding his situation. today, calderon has a different view of his valuable player because he refuses to pen down a deal with real madrid. that hurts calderon! whatever you say, mean nothin to beckham but only dampen your career as soon as real madrid sink again. whatever......


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