Thursday, January 25, 2007

its good to know that this couple is still goin strong despite recent backlash from a woman i despize. anyway, brad is currently filming his new role in the curious case benjamin button.....ha ha i cant to watch this movie, hopefully it'll be played in this country. i heard babel is on top of the list to win best picture, well who knows what might happen in the oscar, some actresses goin to flip if their movie not even made to nominations. well, i guess some ppl just cant get enough of themselves.
arsenal have finally come up with senses and got their redemption by scoring two goals to get a better side, totenham somethin to worry about. 1st half was somethin else except glory. its understandable that wenger made a promise earlier that he would give a chance for his young squad to play not in the league but in other competition matches such as FA and carling cup. he did keep his promise but he almost lost an important match against totenham hotspur late last night. however, his 'bravery' paid off when his side clinched two mesmerizing goals by julio baptista, not long after his terrible goal to his own goal actually, in the second half got the fans goin crazy. with a draw arsenal have the chance to play at their own homeground possibly next week, to have another go against totenham. good news always come with a bad news, its a rule of play in this world. wenger might have his side 'won' momentarily, however, its sad to say that he might lose his important players who had apparently injured themselves on last nights game. hleb was seen walking gingerly and substituted with flamini in dire minutes. aliadiere was taken off earlier in the game with possibly hamstring injury. im not sure in to what extend their respective injuries will cost arsene wenger in the league, but its goin to be massive. with van persie already injured, wenger needs suitable replacement for him and it seemed aliadiere fit the category till he found his hips wouldnt go as far as he wanted to be in the first place. hopefully they can recover soon so arsenal wont be troubled to go to 3rd place. liverpool seem to be in cloud 9 recently and its hard to beat this kind of team when they can do whatever it takes to go beyond 3rd best. arsenal not only need their luck but the best effort to win their remaining matches this season. champs league starts next month and wenger can only hope his team will concentrate a lot harder not to allow a single conceaded goal in the first half like they always did in most recently. it was a great game though and hopefully arsenal will gain 3 more points this weekend, i keep my fingers crossed.......

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