Monday, January 22, 2007

there are ups and downs in everyones life, incl. this persons (his pics is N/A) personal life. no matter what ppl have done toward his career and his family, hes always able to pick himself up and deliver to his best. i believe, theres no such word as dead end. like my mother always say, there are plenty ways to get there but it all depends on how we manage to go through rough paths. if i stumble upon somethin, it'd be hard for me to pick myself up without others help. ive always been that sort of person, at least in some occassions. however, i kinda realized it isnt such a bad thing to rely upon my family coz they are the ones who would go anywhere just to make sure im safe and sound. theres no such word as final. we can make things much better than we did before. i havent even live my life to half of it, maybe even less. there are many things i have left behind and i regretted bitterly not to do what i could have done or perhaps shouldve done. my life isnt ended when i say it is, but He who will decide. ppl can judge, justify or maybe punish ones life but who are we to decide?, not a single word of one of us can make a difference. the more defensive we are the more we need to defend ourselves from whatever things overhaul us. i should have done that thing better than i have done, but nevertheless, im just human being and need to learn many things for the rest of my life.


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