Monday, January 22, 2007

ive read few interesting articles regarding becks arrival in US. i am amazed with the americans reception over his pending move this year. no doubt there will be no future for him in real madrid having been lashed out by reals coach and the president fabio capello and ramon calderon respectively. oprah and jay leno have lost out to cbs in terms of having him interviewed for the first time in US. its gonna be excited to see him play in no mans land (for football fans all around the world US doesnt exist till a player reaches age 35 or so) for 5 yrs! man thats quite a contract. anyway, i hope i will be seeing him again playing his last matches for real madrid and bring home some trophies. hes out injured so im not really convince he'll play this weekend, as if capello would let him play. i miss seeing him running about on the field and make those stunning crosses. i'll keep my fingers crossed......


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