Monday, January 22, 2007

i know i shouldnt let this out for numerous reasons. first of all, its britney, so we should behave nicely whenever discussing bout her, NOT!. she used to be our fav female singer till her single im a slave for you came out and we were totally disgusted over her claims bout her virginity but at the same time behaving like another teenagers in the neighborhood. well well ms spears im afraid youre losing ground of yourself. if you ever released a single im not really certain it even hit to top 40 in billboard countdown. heres a story, she was in a restaurant with her bff (god knows who) and a girl (now shes a former fan) came up to her trying to get britneys autograph but how ugly it'd turned out. she pretended the 15 yr old girl never existed and much worse for her, britney bff shoeed her to be far away from them. huh! this is how you treat few leaves of fans brit? perhaps you'll get the title of hollywood bad girl pretty soon. probably you should go back to your comfortable home and babysit your sons, like a mother should.

picture courtesy of perezhilton

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