Friday, February 16, 2007

*blisfully happy*

it's been a great day, i'm lovin this for me money isn't necessary when i'm feeling happy with myself, my loved ones, and my life. i feel blessed *thank you dear God*. i know i still have to face loads of setbacks in the near future but as long i have my loved ones support and of course my almighty God guidance i know i can face those setbacks one by one. for a lot of people money is the essential but for me nothing can buy me a happiness including wealth. of course money is a basic necessity *to pay bills and buy groceries* but without love and support from my loved ones how can i be happy?

watching football *soccer* also one of my ways on making myself happy. my sister was the one who introduced me to soccer *and the gorgeous soccerstars*. she's in love with david beckham since she was a kid i think it's been 10 years. my grandma was a big fan of local soccer too so sad she had to leave so soon. we hadn't been able to share tips yet hehe. my dad is also a big fan of soccer, and he likes to watch gilmore girls with me just to accompany me *love u dadda* when we're waiting for the game to start. me and my sist have 6 jersies *3 of them are gunners*, and we're planning on multiplying them hehe. because we have found the best store to check out some jersies.

reading books can also boost my mood. currently i'm reading james patterson's violets are blue, it's my sist's book. she has loads of great books, she has encouraged me many times to read one but i thought the books were hard to understand. honestly, it's the best advice my sist has given me all this time. my fav books are by patricia cornwell's kay scarpetta, james patterson's lidnsay boxer, qie xiaolong's inspector chen *i hope i spelled correctly*. and of course i alwasy love everything by mary higgins clark. my sist dislike danielle steel because it's a romance but i have six of danielle steel's novel because my friend encouraged me to read danielle steel's novel. my favourite danielle steel's novel is granny dan, i think it's the most entertaning yet classy. i wish i had been reading since i was a kid coz i've been missing out quite a lot. i'm planning to continue collect more good books so i can recommend those books to others. insya allah i will have my own bookstores or open my own crime-stories library *amiien*.

listening music while i'm writing is a very2 good therapist especially during my poem time. i've always loved music and movies all my life, i have two ipods and one jbl speaker that makes me feel complete everytime i need some entertainment. i think music really2 helps me getting through the rough patches. for me music will never die in my heart it will always and forever be my top priority!

last but far from bottom least, being around my family and loved ones really2 give me strength to move on and living my live. they give me peace and of course the warmth i feel everytime i hug my mom. i hope other people can also feel grateful for what they have although it's far from perfect. be proud of what you have and don't forget to be grateful because the more you bow yourself the more you'll get.

signing off,


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