Friday, February 16, 2007

gunners get moral boost from the Queen

Arsène Wenger and his Arsenal squad finally got to meet The Queen on Thursday, February 15 when they visited Buckingham Palace for afternoon tea with Her Majesty.

The 80-year-old monarch was due to attend the official opening of Emirates Stadium in October but she was forced to pull out after suffering a back injury.

The Duke of Edinburgh performed the opened ceremony in her absence.

The Queen was disappointed to miss her appointment at Arsenal's new home and extended an invite to the Club to visit the Palace.

Arsenal are the first football club to be invited to a reception at the royal residence.

Wenger said: "It is a big honour. It was a frustration that she could not come and see us that day. I always like to go to the end of things and to see that happening is great.

It is a fantastic mark of respect for Arsenal.
It is a good experience for the group and for the Club."

Thierry Henry added: "I had the chance to meet Nelson Mandela in South Africa, the French President in Paris and it is very special to meet The Queen as well.

"I am going to talk about this to my daughter and everybody.
I asked my wife if she had ever been inside and she said ‘No’.

So to go in as the captain of Arsenal Football Club is more than an honour."

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it's really2 good to see my gunners get the once in a lifetime chance to meet Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace. especially after she couldn't open emirates stadium back in october. hopefully gunners can reward her kindness by playing above par and winning trophies *uefa champions league, fa cup, and carling cup* for her majesty.

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