Sunday, February 25, 2007

ive been reading this book for a couple of years now and think it is one of the best teenage novel ive read. its titled pendragon which a lil awkward for a teenage novel. anyway, lots have changed since it was published two years ago. once an understated writer, though he has written many critically aclaimed books in the past he hasnt managed to sit comfortably in no 1 spot, however his book 6 scored an amazing selling records. at present time, he has sold millions of pendragon series in many countries incl. here. i used to have the joy reading 3 books every 3 months, now his strategy changed that is to publish only 1 book every year. there are rumours circling around that he will make his debut in directing his own movie. but he already confirmed that there will be no pendragon movies some time soon. so, as a fan i'll have to wait a lil longer than i expected. perhaps he needs to wait till all the hypes for harry potter movies subdued. most probably it only happen in 2010, which of course in 3 more suffering years. its ok though, i still can enjoy watching my all time fav movie, harry potter. im completely overwhelmed to hear the movie will be released at the same year as the final book. 2007 has a lot to offer for movie goers. back to my topic for this time around, book 7. i only finished halfway through but things came up so i'd have to wait, though my hands are struggling to keep away i realize what needs to be done. i can only comment on the surface coz i wasnt deep in the story just yet but soon i can give my thoughts on why i keep reading this book no matter how the cover says age limit is 10-15. im young and soon i'll be 15 once more, it'd be wonderful if that happened. in the mean time i must keep my head down and concentrate harder.

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